Team Captain Duties

Sun Valley Nine Captain Duties


  1. The Team Captain is an active member of the governing Executive Board of the Sun Valley Nine. She decides on the eligibility of a player. She keeps records of all the players from her club not to exceed 25 players. She also keeps a list of all the players paying into the existing "Hole in One" club. Team players must play to a maximum of a 15 handicap. As of 2016, all golfers must pay $1 per year into the hole in one fund.

  2. She provides names of team players to the HOST CAPTAIN, in order, lowest handicap first. Gives handicap index only. This is to be done no later than 12:00 noon on Friday before team play on Monday. Each team will receive one warning for an infringement. The second infringement will result in the disqualification of the team for the following Monday's play. No change in lineup may be made after Friday noon before team play on Monday. E-mail golfers playing to the Host Captain
    (Exception from By-laws Article V, Sec N: "If a player is replaced, the substitute must play with the same handicap as the original player and the substitute's handicap may not be lower than the original player. Substitution shall be allowed up to the time of play in case of an emergency.")

  3. Monthly she collects $10.00 dues from her team ($1 from each golfer) and presents it to the scorekeepers at the hostess course and picks up the score cards from the scorer's table. Even if you have less than 10 golfers, you must pay $10.

  4. Adjusts her team to be sure that there is a player competing in all flights of the ten player schedule.

  5. Become familiar with the rules and sees that her team members are familiar with the rules.

  6. When hosting, she must provide local rules to the visiting teams ... 1 sheet per twosome. Also when hosting, she will do the scorecards and dot the cards and no-one may get more than 4 dots. Lowest handicap get 0 dots and then start from there with the hardest handicap hole. She will email Nancy the results to post online. Figure out the low net and low gross player for the day but they may not have won this honor before.

  7. Pass out this sheet about distance device sharing ... 1 sheet per twosome.