Scorer Duties

Sun Valley 9 ... Scorer Duties

Scorer's Duties

  1. Check the gross and net score for each player. These numbers will be posted on the large score sheet which already has each name listed.
  2. Determine the match play points for each team and write these on the card. (There is a total of 9 points per card.) Write the points for each team on the large score sheet.
  3. When all five sets of players scores have been recorded, add up points and write them on the large score sheet.
  4. When all players scores have been recorded, identify the individual with the lowest gross score and the one with the lowest low net score. There is a large sheet with low gross and low net winners for each month. A players may win only once during the year for low gross and low net. If there is a duplicate, select the next person. Write in the winner's names. When a player wins both gross and net and has not won either before, they first win the gross. They cannot win both ever.
  5. Team players must play to a maximum of a 15 handicap.

Note: If there is a tie in the score, play it off the cards, starting with the #1 handicap hole for that course.