By Laws
Sun Valley Nine By Laws

Sun Valley Nine Golf Associations By-Laws
Revised July 2017

A. The name shall be "SUN VALLEY NINE GOLF ASSOCIATION', a non-profit organization.
B. COLORS: Red and White

ARTICLE II ............ OBJECT
(Rev. 7-09-12)
A. To organize executive 9-hole players into an organization with a list of six (6) clubs.

(Rev 6-13-05)
A. A member shall be a player who belongs to a participating club and who has a current ten game handicap, or 5 game temporary handicap.
(Rev. 6-10-13)
B. Acceptance of membership obligates a player to abide by and support the bylaws and the decisions of the executive committee.
C. No more than twenty-five (25) players may compete from each club in one competitive year.
(Rev. 5-22-06 … 6-10-13)
D. Players must designate home course. The player shall use the handicap index established at her home course for all team play and tournaments. The player's current month's handicap index must be used.
E. Team captains must decide the eligibility of a player.
(Rev. 5-22-06)
F. Each new club shall be proposed for membership by officers of participating clubs and shall be elected to membership by two-thirds vote of a quorum of the executive committee.

A. Dues shall be $10.00 per team, on each team play day.
B. On the day of team play, each team shall consist of ten (10) players and if they are short 10 players, they still must pay $10.
C. Once a year, each player will pay $1 towards the hole in one fund. Any hole in one, during our competition, will be awarded the money at the end of the year awards luncheon. If two players get a hole in one in one year, then the money will be split. (6-27-16)

C. A choice of whether to serve or not serve refreshments shall be at the discretion of the hostess team.
D. The SUN VALLEY NINE GOLF ASSOCIATION shall be a separate organization from any other association.
E. The control and management of the affairs and funds shall be vested in the executive committee consisting of: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, Social Chairman, Retiring Chairman and Team Captains.
F. Business may be conducted by a quorum of the executive committee. A vote may be taken at either a meeting or by a poll.
(Rev. 6-7-04 … Rev. 6-14-10 … 6-10-13)
G. The term of office for officers shall be one year. The duties of office are outlined in Article VI. Each club shall provide a Chairman and Vice-Chairman by rotation in the following order: (explanation: The captain of these clubs will serve as the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the SV9 for one year with this rotation:)
........Encanto 9 - 2017-2018...........Palo Verde -2019-2020....... The Links @ Queen Creek - 2021-2022
Peoria Pines - 2018-2019......Shalimar - 2020-2021...........Union Hills - 2022-2023
(Rev. 5-22-17)
H. Any vacancy in office shall move to last position on the rotating list for the purpose of holding office.
I. New clubs must belong to the association for one competitive year before any member can hold office.
J. An alternate Team Captain has the right to vote if the team captain is absent from the spring luncheon,.
(Rev. 6-10-13)
K. In case of inclement weather, the chairman or her designee shall decide if the course is playable. This shall be done by communicating with the host course's management. If play is cancelled, an alternate day of play shall be scheduled with the golf pro on the same course as soon as possible.
L. If for any reason the organization is dissolved, all monies in the treasure shall be distributed equally between the current member clubs.
M. The hostess team must be responsible for collecting the $10.00 from each team, provide two scorekeepers, and have local rules available for all players. Host team will email all CAPTAINS with the results of the day. (Rev. 5-22-17)

ARTICLE V ............ TEAM PLAY
(Rev 5-22-06)
A. The competitive year shall run from November 1st to May 31st. The last handicap Index of the season (May) can be used for November team play.
(Rev. 6-10-13 ... 6-9-14 ... 5-22-17)
B. Team play shall be held on the THIRD Monday of each month of the competitive year and will begin in November due to heat and over-seeding. Extra Team Play matches needed will be on the FIRST Monday of the month.
(Rev 6-04-07)
C. Championship, Second and Third shall be decided by the cumulative score.
D. Play shall be governed at all times by USGA rules except as amended by local rules of each club.
E. The executive committee shall act as rules committee for the competitive year.
(Rev. 6-10-13)
F. Team play shall be a MODIFIED FOUR BALL MATCH PLAY. An extra incentive has been added and an award will be given for low gross and low net each play day. A player may win either low gross and low net, but not both on the same day, and only once each year, in each category. If a player has both low scores, gross and net, then the gross comes first.
(Rev. 5-22-06 … 6-04-07 … 7-09-12 … 6-10-13 … 6-9-14 because we are 6 teams)
G. Six clubs are participating, team play shall be held on each member club course. Each team will play another club member team one time. When we have an odd # of teams, the host team will have no opponent and will play themselves and receive half of the points as long as they have at least five players playing that day. A Fund-Raising Day event will be held in one of the months during the league season.
(Rev. 6-9-14 because of 6 teams now) Baskets will always be raffled in December at Shalimar. (Rev. 6-29-2015)
H. PLAYOFFS. On the last monthly play day (April), the two leading teams will compete, followed by all teams in order of team standing (Playoffs). When and if we have 7 teams, the team in seventh place shall have no opponent and will play themselves and be given half of the points as long as they have at least 5 players playing on that day. The day's scores in April will be added to the cumulative scores.
I. The SUN VALLEY NINE AWARDS Luncheon will be held the following month in May.
(Rev. 5-22-06 … 6-04-07 … 7-09-12 … 6-10-13)
J. FUND-RAISING DAY. The Chairman will determine which month Fund-Raising Day will occur and can host the event at any of the seven clubs during regular competition in coordination with golf course personnel. The monthly $10.00 collected from each club will go to the Association's Treasury. The Fund-Raising Day money collected will be used for prizes for that tournament and the end of the year luncheon.
(Rev. 5-22-06 … 6-04-07)
FUN DAY ROTATION since we have 6 teams (Added 6-9-2014) ... The Fun Day shall always be regular competition between teams with proxy events on 5 to 6 holes.
.....Peoria Pines - 2017-2018......Union Hills - 2019-2020.............................. Palo Verde- 2021-2022
Encanto 9 - 2018-2019..........The Links @ Queen Creek - 2020-2021.......Shalimar - 2022-2023

(Rev. 5-22-17)

K. Each player must play to a maximum of a 15 handicap.
(Rev. 6-07-04 … 5-22-06)
L. Low handicappers shall play scratch, giving the other three players strokes to compensate, with a maximum allowance of four (4) strokes (also called dots or pops) per player. Strokes shall be given as indicated on the score card.
(Rev. 5-22-06)
M. If a partner is late, the other player shall play alone until her partner arrives. An absent partner may join a match between holes, but not during play of a hole (Rule 30-3a USGA Rules). However she will be disqualified for Low Gross and Low Net Tournament for that day.
(Rev. 5-22-06 … 7-09-12)
N. Ties shall be played off on the cards, starting with the #1 handicap hole for that course.
(Rev. 5-22-06)
O. In the event a team does not have either competing players in a flight, the opposing team shall be awarded 5 ½ points in that flight, on that day's play. The absent team will be allowed zero points in that flight only. (See U below)
(Rev. 5-22-06)
P. If a player is replaced, the substitute must play with the same or higher handicap as the original player. The substitute's handicap may not be lower than the original player's handicap. Substitution shall be allowed up to the time of play in case of an emergency.
(Rev. 5-22-06)
Q. Only participating team members are allowed on the course during play. An infringement of this rule shall result in disqualification of the persons involved.
(Rev. 5-21-01 … 5-22-06)
R. Official score cards must be signed by a member of each team, preferably the persons keeping score.
(Rev. 5-21-01 … 5-22-06 … 6-04-07)
S. A ball may be marked on the green by a player or partner, when asked. The ball may be replaced by either person.
(Rev. 6-11-11)
T. Distance range finders are allowed during league play. If you do not have a range finder and your playing opponent does, it is permissible to ask them for measurements of your shots and they must oblige.
(Rev. 6-11-11)
U. If a team does not have 10 players, then the captain will decide who plays alone. It does not have to be the 1st player or the last player. The same applies if a team only has 8 players. The captain will decide who plays alone or where they may have an opening. (See O above)


1. Presides at all meetings.
2. Sees that each member of the executive committee has a copy of the By-Laws.

3. Appoints a Secretary/Treasurer and Social Chairman from a club other than the one on which the Chairman plays team play.


1. Assists chairman and presides in her absence.
(Rev. 5-22-06 … 6-10-13)
2. Arranges and supervises all details of the Fund-Raising Day event with the assistance and approval of the chairman.

1. Records minutes of all meetings.
2. Keeps an accurate account of all monies received and deposits said money in the name of SUN VALLEY NINE GOLF ASSOCIATION in a depository suitable to her and approved by the executive committee.
(Rev. 6-10-13)
3. Reimburses expenditures with proper documentation.

(Rev. 6-10-13)
1. Arranges all details of the awards luncheon, conforming to the wishes of the chairman. The Social Chairman has authority to sign contracts on behalf of the Sun Valley Nine Golf Association for the luncheon at the direction of the Chairman.
(Rev. 5-22-06 … 6-10-13)
2. Collects all the baskets from all the teams for the December Fund Raising Event @ Shalimar. (Rev. 5-22-17)

1. Keeps a record of all players from her club and posts local rules at her home course.
(Rev. 5-21-01 … 5-22-06 … 7-09-12 … 6-10-13 ... 6-29-2015)
2. Provides names of team players to the CAPTAINS, in order, lowest handicap first and who wants a riding cart. Give handicap indexes only for each golfer competing. This is to be done no later than 12:00 noon on Friday before team play on Monday.
(Rev. 6-04-07 ... Rev. 5-22-17)
3. Monthly she collects $10.00 dues from her team and presents it to the scorekeepers at the hostess course and picks up the score cards from the scorers table.
4. Adjusts her team to be sure that there is a player competing in all flights of the ten player schedule, if possible.
5. Become familiar with the rules and sees that her team members are familiar with the rules.
6. Arranges for two persons for scorekeepers when team play is on her home course.
7. Collect Hole in One money from her team and turns in a list of names (only done once a year). Rev. 5-22-17

8. Have 2 baskets ready (valued at $25 each) and bring them to the November match play.
9. When the meet is at your site, set up all the scorecards and master sheets and pro club sheet for the meet. Then send the results to all Captains.

(Rev. 5-22-17)

(Rev. 5-22-06)
A. Handicap Index for members shall be figured according to the rules established by the USGA.
(Including ESC - Equitable Stroke Control)
(Rev. 5-22-06)
B. All handicap indexes must be figured from their course rating as shown in our organization.
(Rev. 6-10-13)
C. If there are any questions on handicaps or ESC, the executive committee has the right to check the club scores.
(Added 6-02-03 … 6-13-05)
D. After a handicap is established, a player must play 5 times, during the competitive year of September thru May.
(Added 6-11-11)
E. The handicap program system that each club uses shall be noted on the course slope, rating and handicaps page.


(Rev. 5-22-06 … 6-10-13 ... 6-29-15)
A. Trophies, plaques and awards shall be presented at the annual awards luncheon, to be held soon after the last play day.
(Rev. 6-04-07)
B. The Championship, Second, and Third place teams shall receive a plaque with the name of their club inscribed thereon.
C. The championship team shall have custody of the traveling trophy for one year.
(Rev. 6-13-05 … 6-04-07)
D. Monthly award of Low Gross and Low Net will receive monies at the annual awards luncheon.
(Rev. 5-22-00 … 5-22-06 … 6-04-07)
E. A "hole in one" fund to be established whereby each player will pay one dollar on the first day she plays. Winner(s) will be paid at the end of the year in case more than one person should win. If money is not won, it will be carried over until next year. If a person does not pay in, she will not be eligible to win. All players pay into this fund $1 each year. Records of participants will be kept by each team captain and the treasurer.
(Rev. 6-04-07 … 7-09-12 … 6-10-13))
F. On Fund-Raising Day the monthly $10.00 collected from each club will go to the Association Treasury and all of the other money collected will go for prizes and the end of the year awards-luncheon.

ARTICLE IX ........PACE of PLAY and ETIQUETTE (added 5-22-2017)
A. We play ready golf to speed up our play and the following are used to help speed up play:
B. Teeing off may not follow honors because if you are ready and they are not, tee off anyway.
C. Lighten up and enjoy yourself when you are playing. Stop announcing infringement of rules that are not infringements.
D. If you are behind a hole, and especially if warned by the ranger, you will skip a hole and advance to the next hole to catch up with the rest of the field and you will each take 1/2 point and share the hole you skipped on scoring.
E. You will be hitting out of turn for pace of play. Someone on the left may be ready to hit. While someone on the right is not at their ball yet.
F. Putt out instead of marking your ball and this will speed up our play.
G. If asked, you will give distance from your range finder.
H. If you have a rules question, play two balls and ask after you get inside.
I. .Help by watching all golfers in your group hit so you can find the ball quicker and pick up pace of play.
J. Write down your scores at the next tee box so the golfers behind you can tee off as soon as you are off the green.
K. Remember to sign both score cards and do all the scoring, including team points on your cards before turning them in and make sure that both cards are exactly alike..
L. Consideration and kindness is our number one goal and please pick up your pace of play.

ARTICLE X ............ BYLAWS
A. These bylaws may be repealed, amended or new bylaws adopted by a two-thirds vote of a quorum of the executive committee.
B. Changes may be proposed by any member of the executive committee.