Coach Ellis Retires

Nancy Ellis defied convention for 23 years.
Dobson's once and only head softball coach spoke with unbridled candor when most coaches feared reprisals from parents, players or administration. She wore knee high tube socks 20 years after they were fashionable and she never settled for second best.
So when Ellis announced her retirement from softball coaching in a press release Wednesday, the reason seemed perfectly suited to the coach.
"Being tired of it is really not the issue," Ellis, 55, said, "The only thing I dislike is the sun. The sun is killing me.

Go out there and stand in it for three to four hours every day and you'll understand."
Ellis stood in the Dobson coach's box for 23 seasons with five region titles (1983, '85, '86, '90, and 2000), a state championship in '90 and five state semifinals appearances ('85, '89, '90, '93, and '95).
Since the school's third season of varsity play in 1983-84, Ellis' Mustangs recorded just two losing seasons, including last year's 10-20 squad.
At least one player from every Ellis-coached team has been named all-state or all-region, and many

have gone on to play Division I ball at schools such as Arizona State, Arizona, Stanford, Florida State, Arkansas, and Florida.
"It's been a good run," Ellis said. "I love the kids and the job and I'm sure come softball season I'll miss it, but it's time to move on."
Ellis will still coach varsity badminton at Dobson. She will also maintain her duties as the school's web master, computer liaison, fitness center director and girls physical education chairwoman.
Dobson athletic director Rick Fultz said he will begin the search for a successor immediately.

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