Planes that Pop has flown ... my Dad, John Ragan Ellis, Jr.

Pilot Training:
(Pop learned how to fly in these aircraft)

Vultee BT-13 Valiant (Basic Trainer)
Fairchild PT-19 Cornell (Primary Trainer)
North American AT-6 Texan (Advanced Trainer)

Operational Flying:
(Fighter; Pop went through gunnery training in the P-40 after pilot training and prior to being assigned to the P-51/F-6 in WWII)

Curtis P-40 Warhawk
North American P-51 Mustang (Pop flew the F-6 reconnaissance version in WWII. He also flew the A-36 dive bomber version during gunnery training)
Lockheed T-33/F-80 Shooting Star (Trainer/Fighter; Pop flew the T-33 advanced trainer as an Instructor Pilot at Williams Air Force Base.)
Northrup F-89 Scorpion (Interceptor; not sure where or how long he flew this aircraft, but I found his F-89 checkout paperwork)

My Dad knew more about planes and cars than anyone else. He could take any car apart and put it back together again.

Established 1906 the Ellis Machine Shop at 102-104 Broadway, Paducah, Ky did General Repair Work (Large and Small) plus Welding, Pressing, & Fabricating ... My grandpa, John Ragan Ellis, Sr was born Dec. 21, 1879 and bought this shop at the age of 27 in 1906. He died Jan. 26, 1952 at the age of 73. He became the father of my Dad, John Ragan Ellis, Jr when he was 42. He started working at a machine shop in 1902 and bought the shop in 1906. He did air compressor service as well as repair and rebuilding gas and diesel engines, including those on large boats going up and down the Ohio River, less than a block away.
My dad, John Ragan, Ellis, Jr was born Oct. 23, 1921 and grew up working with engines and motors of all types including speedboats. He joined the Air Force and fell in love with flying. After my Dad retired from the Air Force he became an automotive instructor teaching teenagers all about cars. You can ask any relative and Dad would make sure all the cars were in top notch shape or he would fix them up for us. I miss you Dad.

(Trainer/Fighter; Pop flew the F-80 fighter in Alaska and at Moody AFB,

Miscellaneous Airfcraft
: Pop only had a few hours in each of these when he could get in the seat to log flying time.
Martin B-26 Marauder (Bomber/Attack aircraft)
North American B-25 Mitchell (Bomber)
Douglas C-47 Skytrain (Transport)

Pictures of Pop, the best Dad in the world, miss you Dad and love you.

Dad is kneeling on the front row in the middle.

The Pride of the Kentucky Bluegrass. Dad is in the middle.

Williams Air Force Base, 1951 .... Pop (known to by all the grandkids) was assigned to Undergraduate Pilot Training as an instructor,
where he taught student pilots to fly jets. He flew the T33 jet trainer, a modified F-80 fighter with two seats.
Dad had one unusual incident happen. While landing, a solo student landed on top of his plane.
Pop and his student got out OK, but it was a bit scary especially since his plane caught on fire. He was glad he could run fast.

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