AWGA State Medallion Tournament

Ladies, come out and play to win so you qualify to play in the AWGA State Medallion Club Team Tournament in January of each year.

The competition is individual stroke play. It consists of State Medallion club winners from clubs around the state in gross and net stroke play scores. There is an 18 hole competition and a 9 hole competition. At the State Medallion Tournament each player will play her own ball. The team score for each club will be the total of the gross player's gross score and the net player's net score. Since Kokopelli is an 18 hole course, we will be playing for the 18 hole competition.

As members of the AWGA, our club will be holding the State Medallion qualifying tournaments for the 4 Tuesday play dates during several months. We will try to make sure that the Tuesday does not follow a Monday match play, or any tournament dates.

Be sure to play all of these dates or as many of them as possible. These scores will be posted as "Tournament" for handicap postings.

Your 2 best gross and 2 best net scores out of those 4 dates will be used to determine the gross and the net winners to represent our club. Those winners will be our club's entrants for the AWGA State Medallion Club Team competition to be played on a date set by the AWGA to be determined.

If you do not play all four dates, we will only use your 2 best scores of the ones you did play.

I will change the dates of the medallion if we have any rain days or cold days where many golfers cancel due to the weather.

The maximum handicap you can have to compete in this tournament for 18 holes is 40.

Our league will pay the entry fee for our club's tournament entrants. In case a winner is unable to play in the tournament on the date given later, there will be alternates to substitute for the gross and/or net winner. The alternates will be the players with the next lowest gross and/or net scores that are available to participate in the tournament.

Disqualification from one round of the 4 local dates does not disqualify the player from the overall tournament competition.

Should handicaps change during the play of the four stipulated rounds, the handicap index in effect at the time each round is played shall be used.

In the event of a tie there will be a scorecard play-off. This is in accordance with the USGA Rule of golf, appendix 1, page 124, 11 C. The score from the last 9 holes (holes 10-18) will decide the winner. If still tied then the last 6 holes (Holes 13-18); then the last 3 holes (holes 16-18) and if still tied the last hole will decide. To determine a tie for the net score the same holes will be used using ½ the handicap, then 1/3 the handicap, and then 1/6 the handicap as appropriate.

No participant may win both the low gross and the low net awards. Gross score winners will take precedence over net score winners.