Golf Etiquette & Local Rules

If you cannot make your tee time, please call the Golf Shop, 480-926-3589 PRIOR TO TEE TIME to cancel.
We would prefer that you contact Nancy's cell phone so she can shuffle golfers around before we tee off.

Three ideas for common golf etiquette ... play FAST, play SAFE, play COURTEOUSLY.
FAST means move quickly between shots, hit the ball and get out of the way. Keep up with the group in front of you.
SAFE means you do not endanger other people with your club or ball.
COURTEOUS means be nice to the environment and the people within it.
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All water is lateral water. Free drops are the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, and no more than one club length. Mud or water areas are a free drop.
Any deep ruts made by water run-offs from homes are a free drop.
Trees that are staked are a free drop. Rock garden areas are a free drop.
Out of bounds are defined by boundary walls, fences, and white stakes.
Free relief from all French Drains (grates).
RESTROOMS are located after Hole 6 and in front of the 14th tee box on the right.
Hole 1 - the driving range is OB and has white stakes.
Hole 8 - Right side grass ditch, no relief. Penalty stroke to move the ball.
Hole 18 - OB on the right side and has white stakes. The range balls are yellow and hole 18 has large fence to prevent range balls from hitting you. The right sides of this fence is out of bounds. You may have a free drop from this fence if the flight of your ball would be hindered.

CELL PHONES: To be courteous to golfers on the course, we request cell phones be used for emergencies only and the phones be in a silent mode while golfing.

GUESTS: Guests can play any number of times and do not have to join our league to continue playing with us. Do not have more than 4 people in your golf group.

GOLF CARTS : To speed up play and all finish at the same time, we will have no walkers. Everyone will ride in a golf cart. Our fees automatically pay for the golf cart and you cannot get it any cheaper by walking.


DO NOT spend a lot of time fishing for balls!

ALL STROKES COUNT: If you CAP at 10, pick up your ball, or X out at anytime, you are ineligible for POD or Tournament play. Your adjusted score will count for handicap.

WHIFF: When you intend to hit the ball but miss it completely, this is called a "whiff" and it counts as a stroke.

ON THE FIRST TEE: Identify your ball by name and number to those playing with you. Do not move, talk or stand in line of sight when player is teeing off or putting. TWO STROKE PENALTY if you play another person's ball. (USGA has additional rules)

ON THE GREEN: Once all players are on the green, it is a common courtesy to mark your ball. Once you start putting, you can putt out to speed up play. If you hit someone else's ball when putting, you must take a TWO STROKE penalty. The person whose ball is hit is not assessed a penalty. (USGA has additional rules)

TENDING THE FLAGSTICK: Rule of thumb is person with ball closest to pin takes out the flag. Then the first person to putt in puts the flag back in. Do scoring on the next tee.

SAND TRAPS: Do not ground the club in the sand trap. Rake traps after using. A common courtesy is for a members of the group to rake for the person in the sand.

FAIRWAY AND DIVOTS: When in the wrong fairway, you must give right-of-way to those playing in that fairway. Repair and replace divots immediately -- press down firmly with your foot.

LOST BALL: Same rule and procedure applies as a ball hit Out of Bounds. You have 5 minutes to look for a lost ball.

PROVISIONAL BALL: If you think your ball goes Out of Bounds or is Lost, you may play a Provisional ball provided you do so before looking for your ball and you inform your fellow golfers that you are taking a Provisional. If you find the Original Ball (and it is not Out of Bounds), you pick up the Provisional and play the Original without penalty. If you cannot find your Original Ball or it is Out of Bounds, play the Provisional and count all strokes taken along with any penalty strokes incurred.

USGA rules apply except as modified by Local Rules, found at the top of this page.

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Last Updated: January 2, 2019