Constitution - By Laws

Constitution and By-laws

Kokopelli Ladies League Bylaws
18 Hole Women's Golf Club
Our basic rules & general information should be read by everyone and it is on the general info page. Here is our Local Rules Page for the Kokopelli Ladies League.

Article 1 - Name
The name of the organization shall be the Kokopelli Ladies League, hereinafter call the Club in these Bylaws.

Article 2 - Purpose
The club shall be a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote interest in golf by organizing women golfers and by holding weekly events and tournaments.

Article 3 - Membership

Section 1 - A member in good standing shall be one whose dues have been paid in accordance with these bylaws (Art. 4, Sec. 1)

Section 2 - A delinquent member shall be one who has not paid her dues in accordance with these bylaws. (Art. 4, Sec 1). A delinquent member's name shall be deleted from the handicap roster.

Article 4 - Dues and Finance

Section 1 - Non-refundable dues, in an amount determined annually by the Board of Directors, shall be due and payable on or before Nov. 30. Dues not paid by December 25 shall result in the delinquency of the member.

Section 2 - The fiscal year shall be Nov. 1 through Nov. 1. Your membership will run thru Dec. 31 of the following year.

Section 3 - A proposed budget shall be submitted by the Treasurer to the Executive Board for approval, during the months of January or February.

Article 5 - Officers, Nomination, Elections

Section 1 - Officers
The elected officers of this Club shall be: a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer;
The appointed officers of this club shall be: AWGA Representative and Regional Representative (CAGD).
There term will be two years and they may run again and again.

Section 2 - Duties
The officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by this Club. They shall deliver to their successors all materials pertaining to their office as directed by the President.

A. The President shall:
1. Preside at all meetings of the Club.
2. Call special meetings of the Club.
3. Appoint the chairperson for each committee.
4. Make an annual report to the Club at the awards.
5. Be a member of all committees.

B. The Vice President shall:
1. Serve as Membership Chairperson.
2. Assume the duties of the President in her absence and assume the Presidency in case of resignation,
or if she is unable to fulfill her term.
3. See that each member has a copy of the constitution and bylaws. (Ours are online)
4. Plan any orientation meeting for new members. (again online)
5. Perform such other duties as are requested by the President.
6. Shall send "get well" and sympathy cards as required. They shall be responsible for gift bags at our Christmas Golf outing at Superstition Springs.

C. The Secretary shall:
1. Record and keep in her custody the minutes of all meetings of the Club.
2. Have available for reference at all meetings, a copy of the Constitution and By-laws (on line).
3. Have charge of such correspondence as is delegated to her.
4. Keep on file all communications received and copies of all letters sent.
5. Post minutes of general meetings and the proposed budget (Ours are online)

D. The Treasurer shall:
1. Receive all monies due the Club.
2. Pay all bills authorized by the President.
3. Keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures.
4. Render a report at each regular meeting of the Club and executive committee.
5. Prepare an annual budget for Board.

E. The AWGA Representative shall:
1. Be the liaison between the AWGA and the local club.
2. Communicate AWGA information to the club.
3. Post AWGA Tournament Flyers.
4. Report to the AWGA Area Representative.

F. The Regional Representative shall: (CAGD)
1. Perform those duties as set forth in the Regional by-laws and standing rules.
2. Communicate information to the club from their respective areas.
3. Post flyers for tournaments. (Ours are online at our website)

Section 3: Elections and Terms of Office.

A. Nominations: The Board will take any names of those wanting to run for office. We will vote online for renewal of officers or election of new officers in October of the year they are to be reelected. Any member may run for the same office again and again.

B. Elections. The officers shall be elected online during the month of October. The officers shall be installed at the end of October meeting, just before our season begins in November.

C. Terms of Office. All officers term shall be for at least two (2) years or until their successors are elected and installed. You may serve that same office again the following terms.

Article 6 - Meetings

Section 1. Meetings
Our meetings may run during lunch. We usually have our 2 official meetings in December and March.

Section 2 Special Meetings
Special meetings may be called by the President or the Executive Board.
Our club will pay for the member representative from our club plus one other member, if needed, to attend any AGA, CAGD, Rules Chairman, & Handicap Chairman meetings that charges a fee.

Section 3. Notice
Notice of meetings shall be by bulletin board or telephone or e-mail.

Article 7 - Board of Directors.

Section 1 Executive Board
The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and the Treasurer.

Section 2 Board of Directors
The Board of Directors shall consist of the executive board, appointed or elected officers, chairperson of each standing committee, and match play team captain.

Section 3. Duties
The Executive Board shall:
A. Have the general supervision of the affairs of the Club between regular meetings, and shall report its actions to the Club.
B. Be authorized to approve bills.
C. Approve the annual budget for presentation to the general membership.
D. Approve committee programs before they are implemented.
E. Approve appointments made by the President.
F. Have power to suspend or expel any member whose conduct is contrary to the highest moral and sportsmanship principles.
....... a. A letter shall be sent to the member requesting her presence at the next board meeting.
....... b. After hearing the member's defense, the board's decision shall be rendered to the member in writing.

Section 4. Meetings
A. Regular meetings shall be called when needed.
B. The treasurer/play of the day person will present play of the day winners for the previous month. They will receive their gift cards from the clubhouse on the first Tuesday of each month.
C. Special meetings may be called by the President.

Article 8 - Committees --- The person running the committee/activity listed below can be appointed by the President or the Executive Board which includes the Pres., VP., Sec., & Treasurer.

Section 1. Standing Committees and Duties
Each standing committee shall have a chair that serves on the Board of Directors.
A. The History Committee are online pictures from the past on our picture link online.
B. The Rules Committee shall cooperate with the Tournament Committee in interpreting local and USGA rules which might govern play.
C. The Play of the Day/Handicap person shall plan weekly games for the year. It is posted on the net.
D. The Handicap Person shall be responsible for all aspects of handicapping, including the posting of all new handicaps as soon as they arrive. She must take a class and have a current certificate.

Article 9 - Eligibility for Play

Section 1: To establish eligibility for weekly play payouts and interclub events, a member must have a current USGA handicap index. To be eligible for all major association tournaments and Regional events, a member must have a correct USGA handicap index that includes no less than five scores with the Kokopelli Ladies League. Members shall play all events at a maximum allowable handicap of 40. The AGA, the AWGA, and the USGA's maximum handicap is 40 and anything above that will have an L after it on the handicaps posted. See section 4 for awards and playing time needed at Kokopelli to receive any awards.

Section 2: To qualify for play of the day money or putt money, you must play all 18 holes with the members that you are assigned to play with on that day. For protection of the field, if you arrive late and miss a hole, you will be given a score equal to the dots given according to your handicap. This allows everyone to abide by the same rules.

Section 3: For our match play league, a player must play in our Tuesday league twice a month to qualify to compete in our match play competition for that month. The Match Play Captains will determine who plays in each of these events.

Section 4: We give out money awards at the end of the season including who represents us in the Medallion tournament where we pay the $100 entry fee for two members. We also give out other money awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in different catagories. To qualify for these money winning awards, you must play in 50% of the Tuesday Ladies League days during the month of November thru March. There are usually 20 Tuesdays in that five month time limit which means you must have played 10 times and that averages out to about twice a month to win money awards at our awards celebration on the last Tuesday of March.

Article 10 - Amendments

This constitution and these bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Club by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, provided written notice has been posted on the Club Bulletin Board for a period of fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting at which they are to be voted upon. Without previous written notice, these bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Club by a three-fourth (3/4) vote. In either case a quorum must be present. That is why we will most likely vote online to include everyone.

Adopted: October 6, 2008
Revised: June 20, 2019
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