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Kokopelli Ladies League - Play of the Day Calendar
(definitions for our play of the day events are at the bottom of this page in alphabetical order)
OCTOBER - 2021
JANUARY - 2022
No Golf - overseeding
Double Your Pleasure (after you play)--scroll down
No Golf - overseeding
Putts putts putts + Medallion Day 1
Modified Scramble
---- (cart path only)
Tee to Green (all shots no putts) minus full hdcp
Modified Scramble
---- (cart path only)
Front Nine minus 1/2 hdcp + Medallion Day 2
NOVEMBER - 2021 - "29 Putt Club" begins
2 Flight Proxies begin, Ringers begin
Hate 'em -- scroll down to definitions
Back Nine minus 1/2 hdcp
Par 4's minus 1/2 handicap
Even Holes minus 1/2 hdcp
-- + Medallion Day 3
Center Cut - holes 6-14 minus 1/2 hdcp
Total your Putts & multiply by 2 then subtract 1/2 handicap
Flip Flop (Happy Thanksgiving, No Math Required)
Your Choice -- scroll down to definitions
-- + Medallion Day 4
Lucky 13 -- scroll down to definitions
Alpha & Omega minus 1/2 your handicap
Criers -- scroll down to definitions
Total your Putts, multiply by 2 then add par 5 putts
Christmas Party at Superstition Springs
Gross Score plus your total Putts
B & P - scroll down
Low Gross minus your AGE
Last day for the 29 putt club (20 chances)
Net Score plus your putts
Final Awards, PoD is Front 9 - 1/2 hdcp, then a scramble on the back 9 and don't post your 18 hole score.
Proxies 3 flights, prizes, medals, awards, & money awarded.
Putt Money is 14 putts or less because it's front 9 only.

The Kokopelli Ladies play every Tuesday all year around


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....................................... Summer Time Golf begins (April thru October)

........... 29 Putt money is shared by everyone with 29 putts or less, otherwise to the lowest putter of the day....
........... there will be no carry overs as the money goes to those who played on that day, guests may play in this.
........... Guests may also play in the 50-50 money pot; $1 for 1 ticket, $5 for 8 tickets.
........... We do not do Proxy Events during the summertime once we split tee times and add an early bird group
........... tee time (This usually starts in May and runs thru Oct)

..... During the Summer we keep the play of the day consistent

..... 1st Tuesday of the month ... Low Net
..... 2nd Tuesday ... Your Choice = front 9 or back 9 score after you play, multiply x 2 minus full handicap
..... 3rd Tuesday ... Gross Score plus Putts then subtract handicap
..... 4th Tuesday ... Total your Putts & multiply by 2 then add your par 3 putts one month then par 5 putts the next month

..... 5th Tuesday ... is Flip Flop your score, then high and low scores wins in flights. (Example a 93 is a 39)

.. Starting times throughout the year that we will try to follow:
.. April 8:30 ... May 8:00 ... June, July, Aug, 7:30 or 7:00 and maybe 6:30 ... Sept. 7:00, 7:30, or 8:00
.. After overseeding at the end of Oct. everyone 8:00 ... Nov. thru March at 8:30 with our official league season.
.. Proxy events run from November thru Apri-Mayl and then we lose golfers back to their summer homes.

Thank You Kokopelli staff for the way you treat and support the ladies league, every Tuesday all year around.

DEFINITIONS for Play of the Day

  1. Aces Wild = Subtract all 1 putts from full gross score use full handicap to calculate net.
  2. Alpha & Omega = First 4 holes (1-4) and last 5 holes (14-18). Total of these selected holes minus 1/2 handicap.
  3. B & P = Only count holes that are NOT Birdies or Pars or Eagles or hole in ones ... then subtract your handicap.
  4. Back Nine = Add your score on the back nine. Total minus 1/2 handicap.
  5. Beat the Pro = The pro plays with each group and you need to beat him with your net score.
  6. Best Nine = Best nine of 18 less ½ handicap
  7. Blind Nine = Total gross score on nine holes selected by the course pro less ½ handicap for net score
  8. Bunker Down = Count all your shots except the bunkers ... those strokes do not count. Tally these on the side of the card.
  9. Center Cut = holes 6 through 14 minus 1/2 your handicap
  10. Convert 4 worst holes to par = Gross score with 4 worst changed to par less ½ handicap for net score
  11. Criers = Revert the worst hole on front and worst hole on back to pars; if you only have pars revert to birdies. Low Net wins so subtract full handicap. You only get to change 2 holes, one on the front and one on the back.
  12. Criss Cross = Before play, choose holes 1 or 15, 2 or 14, 3 or 13, 4 or 10, 5 or 12, 6 or 17, 7 or 11, 8 or 18, 9 or 16. Total holes you picked minus 1/2 handicap. I have matched all holes by pars
  13. Double your Pleasure = Select the best 9 holes, after you play, and double that score, then subtract full handicap.
  14. Even Holes = Count only the even holes. Total minus 1/2 handicap.
  15. Fewest Fairway Shots = Don't count tee shot or putts on the green and after total subtract 1/2 your handicap..
  16. Fewest Putts = low putts win.
  17. Flip Flop = Reverse the numbers of your score and the highest and lowest numbers will win. Ex: a 93 is a 39.
  18. Front Nine = Add your score on the front nine. Total minus 1/2 handicap.
  19. Front Nine Gross Score minus Putts for 18 holes
  20. Gross plus Putts then subtract
  21. your handicap
  22. Gross Score minus your age = subtract your age from your gross score.
  23. Guess your Score = guess your score before teeing off, and also guess front nine then back nine for the tie breaker.
  24. Hate 'em = Circle 2 holes that you hate before you tee off. Subtract the score on these two holes from your total gross score then subtract full handicap.
  25. Hard Nine = Lowest nine handicap holes less ½ handicap (Holes at Kokopelli)
  26. Inside Holes = Holes 6-14 minus 1/2 your handicap.
  27. Low N & G = Low Net & Low Gross, two winners.
  28. Lucky 13 = You count the scores from 13 holes. After you finish golfing, put an X on 5 scores that you do not want to count in this play of the day ... then you substract 1/2 your handicap. That is your Lucky 13 play of the day score.
  29. Mutt & Jeff = Only count the longest 5 and shortest 4 holes. Total minus 1/2 handicap.
  30. Net Score minus your putts times 2.
  31. Odd Holes = Count only the odd holes. Total minus 1/2 handicap.
  32. Odds & Evens = Total odd holes and total even holes. Take off 1/2 handicap on each total. 2 winners.
  33. O.N.E.S. = Count only the holes beginning with O, N. E, and S. subtract 1/2 handicap. These are holes 1,6,7,8,9,11,16,17,18 at Kokopelli
  34. Outside Holes = Total gross score on holes 1-5 and 15-18 then subtract ½ handicap for net score
  35. Pars are best = Circle 4 holes AFTER YOU PLAY and change them to pars or better if you had a par. Subtract 1/2 handicap... or birdies if you have all pars.
  36. Par 3's PLUS = Your score on all par 3's + 6 of your best par 4's + 2 of your best par 5's - lowest gross score wins ... you can do the same play of the day and use lowest net score for winners.
  37. Par 3's and 5's = Your score of only the par 3's and 5's minus 1/2 your handicap.
  38. Par 4's = Your score of only the par 4's minus 1/2 your handicap and low score wins.
  39. Par 4's PLUS = Your score of all the par 4's plus your best par 3 score and your best par 5 score minus 1/2 your handicap.
  40. Par 4 Putts = Fewest putts on all the par 4 holes only.
  41. Par 4 Putts plus 1/2 handicap = Add all your putts on all par 4's then ADD 1/2 your handicap. Low score wins.
  42. P's & Q's = All 2 putts are worth 2 points, all 1 putts are worth 4 points, each Chip In is worth 6 points. Add these points together and the HIGHEST points are the winners.
  43. Pick Your Poison = Before you tee off, circle any 9 holes that will count and then subtract 1/2 your handicap.
  44. Poker Golf = A little side game played with the play of the day ... Everyone wanting to play puts in $1 before we begin; Add $1 on any 3 putts or higher; when you come in we look at the scorecard before we pass out cards from a real deck of cards; everyone gets THREE cards to start with; any chip in gives you 2 extra cards; any 4 putt takes away a card; you get a card for every 1 putt. We then pass out cards in a circle with everyone playing and the high poker hand wins all the money that was collected. The value of cards in a poker hand is at this link.
  45. Putts plus handicap = Total your putts then add your handicap and that is your score.
  46. Putts putts putts = total putts X 2 minus full handicap
  47. Putts & multiply by 2 then add your par 3 putts
  48. Putts & multiply by 2 then add your par 5 putts
  49. Putts & multiply by 2 then subtract 1/2 your handicap
  50. Putts on all Par 3 & Par 5 Holes = Total putts on all par 3's and 5's, fewest is the winner
  51. Roll of the Dice = Roll the dice at the tee box of the next hole. Circle the teams score you are using: 1 is the score of the 1st player on the scorecard, 2 is the 2nd player on the scorecard, 3 is 3rd, 4 is 4th, 5 is worst score, 6 is best score. Your play of day score is your total of all the circled scores and all 4 players will have the same POD score. Each team will be given 1 dice in a container. Remember you don't know whose score you will be using until you finish the hole, drive to the next tee box and then throw the dice for the last hole completed. Your team will have a net score using these rules:
    I will add the handicaps together of the 4 players and divide by 4 and that is the amount you will subtract to get a net score. This number will be on your scorecard. If you only have 3 players then you will add them together and divide by 3.
  52. Scramble = you are paired up by handicaps into equal teams of players A, B, C, D. You play the best ball all the way through the hole. You will use everyone's tee shot 2 times (once on the front nine and once on the back nine)
  53. Skills Challenge = different points for different skills and here is our scorecard with each event. If you click on this link skills challenge, you will see exactly what we do at Kokopelli.
  54. Sweet and Sour = your lowest or best 5 holes and your highest or wrost 4 holes are totalled minus 1/2 your handicap.
  55. Tee to Green = All your shots except the putts. Putts do not count.
  56. T's & F's = Count only the holes that begin with T or F minus 1/2 your handicap. Holes 2,3,4,5,10,12,13,14,15.
  57. Tin Cup (Quota) = Points are Hole in One = 12, Eagle = 8, Birdie = 6, Par = 4, Bogie = 2, Double bogie = 1.
  58. Trick or Treat = Pick 9 holes before you play and that's your score ... 1/2 handicap.
  59. Turkey Shoot = Add your handicap to the course par (72). When you reach that score, circle your last completed hole on the scorecard. Your goal is to turn in your card with no circles and to shoot below your handicap. Winners play all 18 holes, then we look at who finished 17 holes, 16 holes, etc. etc.
  60. Von TRAP Family = There is a column on the scorecard for traps/bunkers and you will keep track of how many strokes you have in the trap/bunker. After play, subtract the number of strokes you used in the bunkers. Low net scores are the winners.
  61. Wild Man Bluff = You prepick 4 on the front and 4 on the back and the club pro will pick 1 on the front and 1 on the back. Those will be the holes that count. If you pick the same one that the pro picks, then that score will be changed to a par plus you will be counting one less hole. Good Luck
  62. Your Choice - Select either your front 9 score or your back 9 score after you play then multiply X 2 then subtract full handicap

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