CAGD Members


CAGD Members

Your dues will automatically put you in the CAGD. That $8 is paid with your membership fee.


The Central Arizona Golf District is an organization formed entirely by voluntary membership.

We MEET, GREET, AND COMPETE with other women golfers; these are the primary benefits of CAGD for all who participate. We provide five or six tournaments a year at great and challenging courses, at various local and private courses. In addition, our $5.00 ANNUAL dues financially support four local charities.


The District consists of an 18-hole Division what is governed by common By-laws and it's own Standing Rules, Guidelines and Procedures. Currently we meet at a location suitable for all on a selected Wednesday of January, March, and November.

We are governed by an Executive Board which is elected by the members and shall serve a term of two years. The President appoints committees, such as tournament director, sites, rules and blind draws.


It is an Intra District tournament played at your own club in January, February, March, April and November on a date selected by your club's CAGD representative. It provides prize money between clubs. Kokopelli's representative is Linda Laning.

We collect $1.00 from each CAGD member wishing to participate in the blind draw on that date. At the end of play on that day, your score card is collected by your club's CAGD representative. From your score card the representative makes up 3 x 5 cards showing the clubs name and course rating, Kokopelli's is 68.8 from the forward tees. The player's name and the gross score less the current handicap is entered for that date. The course rating is subtracted from that answer. The result will be either a plus or minus of the course rating. (See sample below)

CLUB: KOKOPELLI ................. RATING: 68.8
NAME: Jane Doe
Gross 105 - 33 = 72 then - 68.8 = +3.2
Gross: 105 - 38 = 67 then - 68.8 = -1.8

Your 3 x 5 card for the date selected is sent to CAGD's Blind Draw chairman. When these cards are received the number of entries from each club are noted and 1/3 of the cards from each club are randomly drawn. These cards are put aside to take part in the drawing of partners once all cards are received. Partners are drawn and totals added to determine money awards.

Winners in our club and the amounts won for each are then sent to us for distribution. This usually takes about 4 weeks.


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