New World Handicap System

If you want a course added, any state, any course, E-mail Nancy
All I need is a picture of the scorecard and which tees you use.

Scorecards to help you with the New World Handicap System for Golf
Net Double Bogey plus Strokes (Handicaps 0-54) begins January 1, 2020

Alphabetical Listing of AZ course scoresheets below:
Universal Scoresheet for any course
Apache Creek Red Tees Arizona Golf Resort Red Tees Arrowhead, Glendale, Red Arrowhead Glendale Turquoise
Bear Creek, Red Tees Briarwood, Gold Tees Briarwood, Red Tees Continental, White Tees
Continental, Red tees Desert Hills, Yuma Red Tees Dobson Ranch Red Tees Johnson Ranch Red Tees
Ken McDonalds Red Tees Kokopelli, Silver Longbow Golf, Mesa Red Tees Mesa Country Club Forward Combo
Mission Royale, Burgundy Mission Royale, White Mission Royale, Gold Oakwood, Lakes/Palms Yellow Tees
Painted Mt. Tips, Blue Tees Painted Mt. White Tees Painted Mt, Red Tees Queen Valley Red Tees
San Marcos, Red Tees Springfield Red Tees Sunland Village Red Tees Whirlwind, Devils Claw Copper Tees
-- -- -- --
Out of State Courses --- Missouri + Illinois
Lake Valley, Gold tees Lake Valley, Orange tees Lake Valley, Red Tees Columbia White Tees
Gleneagles CC, Lemont, Illinois
Red/Lakes Course - Gold Tees
Gleneagles CC, Lemont, Illinois
White/Woodlands Course - Gold
Old Oak CC, Homer Glen, Illinois
Red Tees