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Suggestion #1
When you finish a shot or come off the green GET IN YOUR CART……GO TO THE NEXT SHOT OR TEE BOX. DO NOT PUT ANY CLUBS IN YOUR BAG. When you arrive at your next shot put away your club and get your next one out. If leaving the green DO NOT ASK FOR ANY SCORES UNTIL YOU ARRIVE AT THE NEXT TEE. We wind up repeating them anyway. You can get your cart partners score on the way and once arrived obtain the score of others in your group. While the scores are being recorded the two other players should be teeing off. These simple actions on everyone's part can save 15-20 minutes per round

Suggestion #2
WATCH WHERE YOUR PLAYING PARTNERS HIT THEIR BALLS……some of us see better than others……help locate the direction of their shot. By watching your partners hit you will save time locating their balls down the fairway. MAKE YOURSELF AWARE OF THE OUT OF BOUNDS (OB) MARKERS/BOUNDRIES ON THE COURSE YOU'RE PLAYING. This information is on the back of your scorecard. If you have a feeling the ball may be OB or LOST let your group know you are hitting a provisional ball and what are that ball's identifying marks. It should be different than the previously hit ball. This applies to fairway shots as well as tee shots. If your originally hit ball is located and not OB pick up your provisional ball and continue play. This saves having to return to the last spot to hit a provisional ball. We have some holes at Kokopelli where balls tend to go astray……#3, #8, #9, #13, #15, #18 to name a few or any of the others at any one time! Don't let this happen to your group: "Did you see where my ball went? No, we weren't watching."or "Did you see where my ball went? Yes. Where? I forget."

Suggestion #3
PLAY READY GOLF……THIS MEANS HIT WHEN READY! The first player that is ready should be the first to tee off and so on. If your fairway and approach shots are approximately the same distance from the green, the player who is ready goes first. The players in your group that don't hit as long can tee off or hit first since they are less likely to hit into the group ahead and the longer hitters play last. Be aware of this throughout the round and it can help your entire group keep up.

Suggestion #4
LOCATE YARDAGE BEFORE IT'S YOUR TURN TO HIT. Have an idea of what club you will use before you get to your ball by taking into account the approximate distance and elevation……..especially when you are confined to the cart path and have to walk across the fairway. Take at least 3 clubs…..the one you think you'll use, one club longer and one club shorter. If your cart partner is dropping you at your ball take several clubs you think you'll need so they can go on to their ball. Most of us know the approximate distances of our drives and fairway shots. It's usually the approach shots that are most critical for distance.

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Last Updated: February 1, 2018