Standing Rules

Standing Rules for the East Desert Ladies League

... A. League Rules

  1. Team Play shall conform to the rules specified by the USGA and shall be four-ball match play. Rule 30-3
  2. The lowest handicap player in each match will play from scratch. The other three players in each match will determine their stroke advantage by subtracting the scratch player's handicap from their handicap.
  3. The maximum handicap for any player is 30. Players with higher handicaps will play to a 30 for the competition. (changed 11-2-2015)
  4. If a match has only one player instead of two, that one player shall play against the opponents two players and points shall be awarded as if it were a regular four-ball match.
  5. If missing positions result in NO players in one pair being available for a match, the pair immediately above or below the missing pair will split resulting in 2 groups having 1 player in the match. (as determined by the team captain)
  6. In the event of inclement weather, the Coordinator will contact the Host Club Pro to confirm course conditions. Team play would be cancelled only when the course is closed by the Host Club Pro. The Coordinator will then contact the Team Captains to advise them whether the matches will be played or not. If the matches are cancelled 36 points will be awarded to each of the scheduled teams.
  7. If play is called because of weather after the matches have commenced and cannot be resumed, the teams will be awarded the points already won and ½ point each for all remaining holes.
  8. The points given to a 2-person team that wins by forfeit, default (or a disqualification of their opponents) will be determined by the following rule: The 2-person team that wins by default will be given the highest amount of points earned by any 2-person team that day.
  9. (Added so changed on 11-2-2015) Since we have an odd number of teams this year, the Host Team will play against itself and earn 40 points. They are earning 5 points for each of their 8 players. So if they do not play 8 golfer, then they will lose 5 points for each golfer that cannot play. No competition against the Host Team so grab anyone and get them to play on the day you host. This rule will be in effect as long as we have an odd number of teams.
  10. The AWGA and the USGA recommends that all clubs adopt this new rule as they have in their tournaments. It will be a benefit to the players. You can see the video explanation at this website:
    "Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1 are modified as follows:
    When a player's ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, or any of their caddies or equipment.
    The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1.
    This Local Rule applies only when the player's ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and any movement is accidental.
    Note: If it is determined that a player's ball on the putting green was moved as a result of wind, water or some other natural cause such as the effects of gravity, the ball must be played as it lies from its new location. A ball-marker moved in such circumstances is replaced."
    Added: November 2017 at the Captain Meeting.

... B. Team Composition

  1. Each team shall be composed of a Team Captain and or Co-Captain (if possible) and six more eligible players at the captain's discretion.
  2. To be eligible for Team Play, a player must be a member of her team's ladies association and participate regularly in the Ladies' Club play days.
  3. Team members shall be ranked by ascending handicap indexes. Partners shall be paired starting with the lowest handicap index paired with the next lowest, etc.
  4. If a team has less than eight (8) members available for play, the team members available will move down so that at least one player is available for each match. The player playing by themselves (without a partner) will be determined by the team captain.
  5. If a substitute is made within 24 hours of play, the sub will take the place of the player who could not compete and make the changes on that match on the scorecard with the dots. If a substitute is made before then, just redo the scorecards putting the players in order of their handicap and the dots as they are applicable. (This item #5 is also listed on Team Captains Resp. as the last item #17 and was added here on 11-07-2016)
  6. In the event a person belongs to two or more clubs in this League, she may play team for only one of those clubs during the season.

... C. Scoring

  1. Each four-ball match will be playing for a total of 18 points. Winning partners will receive one (1) point per hole. Ties will receive ½ point each per hole.
  2. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the season shall be the champions. The League Plaque will be engraved and presented to the champions.
  3. In the event of any question or protest, do NOT sign the Scorecards. Signed cards are final. Take your problem to your Team Captain for resolution.
  4. The points given to a 2-person team that wins by forfeit, default (or a disqualification of their opponents) will be determined by the following rule: The 2-person team that wins by default will be given the highest amount of points earned by any 2-person team that day.
  5. If there is a rules dispute:
    A. Call the pro shop for a ruling before teeing off at the next hole or before the next shot.
    B. Once the pro has ruled, the decision is final.
    C. Turn the phone off and continue play.
    *** The pro at the competition course will be the final decision maker on all rules disputes.
  6. We do not want to make this league confrontational so have fun, follow the rules and make it enjoyable.
  7. (changed 11-2-2015) FOR HOST TEAM ONLY: If you do not play 8 golfers as the host team, then you will only earn 5 points for each golfer. 8 golfers earns 40 points for the host team for the day you are hosting.. You can play more than 8 golfers when you are hosting.
  8. (added 11-07-2016) TEAM TIES FOR FINAL SCORE: When all matches have been played, and the scores are tied between teams, we will go to the head to head match. The team that won the head to head match will be declared the winning team of the season and will be awarded the 1st place placque. If a tie still remains, then we will have two teams winning 1st place for the season.
  9. (added 11-07-2016) The MAXIMUM POINTS that a TEAM will earn if their opponent DOES NOT SHOW UP to play will be equal to the points given to the team that earns the most points on that day. They will not get the 40 points that you get when you are hosting and have no opponent but with only 5 teams, if we have a NO SHOW ON MATCH PLAY DAY, then we will look at the other two playing against each other and they will get the same number of points as the winning team earned.
  10. (added 11-07-2016) GIVING DOTS ON A SCORECARD ... When you give dots on a scorecard, the person with the lowest handicap in the 4-some gets no dots. The other 3 players in the group will get one dot for every stroke above the lowest person's handicap.
    In Example 1: Ruth's handicap is 16, Pat is a 17, Mary is a 22, and Tina is a 25 handicap. Ruth has the lowest handicap and would get no dots. Pat would get 1 dot, Mary would get 6 dots, and Tina would get 9 dots. You can see them on the card if you click on Example 1.
    In Example 2: Ruth's handicap is 12, Karen is a 17, Linda is a 13, and Rhonda is a 13. Ruth has the lowest handicap and would get no dots. Linda would get 1 dot, Rhonda 1 dot, and Karen would get 5 dots.
    When you look at Example 2, you can see that we give the dots in red and that makes them easier to see.
    Always write down the exact score that you shot and the dots are only used to figure out who won the hole. If you tied then you both get 1/2 point.

... D. Fun Day (Only needed if we have an even number of teams)

  1. One of the match plays will be a Fun Day because we play at everyone's site every year. The site will alternate every year. With an even number of teams we end of playing everyone before playing at all sites.
  2. There will be points awarded to each team on the Fun Day. Each team will bring at least 8 golfers and will be awarded a maximum of 40 points. Each golfer will automatically win 5 points for her team by showing up and playing. So, if you have less than 8 golfers, you will lose 5 points per golfer that did not show up.
  3. This day's events or awards will be determined by the hosting team. The play will be a blended field; a 2 person mixed-club teams; and a $5 pay in for prize money. All of the prize money will be returned and awarded to the golfers.
  4. Here is what we did at Kokopelli.
  5. Award suggestions for different holes are closest to the pin; longest putt; longest drive; closest to the line; any chip-in or hole in one; closest approach on the best chip from off the green. These are just suggestions as the host team will do what they want to make it a fun day.
  6. Fun Day rotation - this tells which site will host the Fun Day and which year ...
    Order of Teams hosting Fun Day: 1-Kokopelli 2-Apache Wells 3-Queen Valley 4-Johnson Ranch 5-Apache Creek 6-Painted Mountain

    2012-13 = Kokopelli did Fun Day = 6 teams in our League
    2013-14 = Apache Wells did Fun Day = 6 teams
    2014-15 = Queen Valley did Fun Day = 6 teams
    2015-16 = had 5 teams and host team plays itself --- No Fun Day needed
    2016-17 = had 5 teams and host team plays itself --- No Fun Day needed
    2017-18 = Johnson Ranch will do Fun Day = 6 teams
    2018-19 = had 5 teams and host team plays itself --- No Fun Day needed
    2019-20 = Apache Creek will do Fun Day = 6 teams if we can add a new team, will know soon
    2020-21 = Painted Mountain will do Fun Day = 6 teams

    2021-22 = new team will do Fun Day = 6 teams

... E. Pace of Play

  1. Honors on the tee box and green. Ready golf everywhere else.
  2. Even though "match play" is the honor system, the rule in this League is to play "within the rules of pace of play"…except on the green.
  3. A Player shall pick up her ball when she is out of contention. She will take the amount of strokes that she would LIKELY have taken to complete the hole.
  4. The personnel of each host course can instruct any group who is out of position by one hole or more to discontinue play and move to the next tee. Points for any unfinished hole shall be halved.
  5. If a group is out of position by one hole or more, it must move on to the next open hole, even if the ranger does not instruct them to do so. A group is behind one hole or more, when the first member of the group is ready to tee off, and the proceeding group has vacated the next green, i.e., a hole is entirely open. Again, points for the hole shall be halved.

... F. Posting of Scores

  1. Scores for each event will be posted to the AWGA website as Away scores.
  2. According to the USGA Handicap Handbook Section 4, a player who has picked up on a hole will take the "most likely score" not to exceed her ESC for posting purposes.
  3. If play is suspended and not resumed, the score for the holes not played will be par plus any handicap strokes. Thirteen holes must be played for an eighteen hole score to be posted. If fewer than thirteen holes have been played before play is suspended no scores will be posted for that event. The team points will still be determined as previously stated.
  4. The Team Captain will be responsible for the posting of her players' scores. Scores should be posted within one week of the competition.
... G. Miscellaneous
  1. All team members must use golf carts designated by the Host Club.
  2. Each team player shall have her name identification on her golf bag to facilitate the "helpers" at the Host Club.
  3. Host Clubs are NOT required to serve coffee/muffins or lunch. The invitation sent to Captains should indicate whether food is "included" or "available".
  4. Cell phones are NOT permitted on the golf course. If a player's cell phone rings during play, THE OFFENDER WILL LOSE THE HOLE. If it happens a second time, she will be disqualified. This affects only the offender and not her partner, the partner may carry on alone for the balance of the match, unless of course her cell phone rings. Then the same rules apply.
  5. Distance measuring devices such as a GPS are permitted in our Team play. If only one or two players have these devices, THEY MUST SHARE, when asked, the information with the other players. An app on a cell phone to find distance will be allowed. Any distance finder device is allowed that only gives distance. It may not give wind, temperature, or weather, ONLY DISTANCE. It will be legal, if your phone has the app to give you distance. However, your phone must be totally muted and all other apps disabled (which means not opened for use).
  6. ** (added January 2014) If your phone has a compass, you MAY use your phone as your GPS.
    Naturally - your phone must be totally muted and all other apps disabled (which means not opened for use).

    If your phone has a compass, you may not use your phone as your GPS.
  7. In the event of cancellation of a team competition, all teams will participate in paying the lunch cost incurred by the hosting team. The host team captain will determine the cost and inform each team captain of the amount needed for reimbursement.

... H. Coordinator Rotation - As of Today, Nancy is always the Coordinator and sets up everything and posts all results.
The rotation of the responsibilities of Coordinator has been established as follows:
2009 - 2010 Johnson Ranch
2010 - 2011 Kokopelli
2011 - 2012 Apache Wells
2012 - 2013 Queen Valley
2013 - 2014 Oasis

2014 - 2015 Johnson Ranch
2015 - 2016 Leisure World
2016 - 2017 Apache Creek
and then we start all over again

... I. FUN DAY Rotation - only when we have an EVEN number of teams
2012-13 at Kokopelli
2013-14 at Apache Wells
2014-15 at Queen Valley
2015-16 We are down to ODD NUMBER of 5 teams so no Fun Day.
2016-17 We are down to ODD NUMBER of 5 teams so no Fun Day.
2017-18 at Johnson Ranch
2018-19 at Apache Creek
2019-20 at Painted Mountain
and then we start all over again

..J. Adding a New Team to the League
We are always looking to add new teams to our league. You should read over this page and then our by laws. We try to keep a round of golf and lunch at $50 to $55 dollars since we are all retired and on fixed incomes. If you have an official 18 hole course, and agree with everything you have read on our website, then please email me. Nancy Ellis, and we will vote you in pretty quickly. We love playing other courses and all you need is 8 gals to compete. We just want the joy of playing golf in a competitive situation. We golf at each course once on a Monday from November thru March. The cost is from $50 to $55 depending on the course and food involved. That price includes light breakfast snacks and lunch along with golf and cart and range balls. We also furnish bottled water for each golfer on the day that you host. Each club selects their starting time as some like to start at 8:30 and some like to start at 12 noon. We use to have everyone play to a 25 handicap but we voted to move that up to a 30 handicap to get more of your golfers involved. Which means that is you have someone playing with a 35 handicap, they only get dots to equal a 30 handicap.

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