4-Ball Match Play
Four-Ball Match Play Information

Four-Ball Match Play Information

1. No two stroke penalties in Match Play - Loss of Hole instead
2. Of the 34 Rules of golf, 14 have differences for Match Play; 16 refer to Match or Stroke Play in penalties or discussion and four rules (3, 21, 31, & 32) make no mention of Match or Stroke Play.
3. Rules with differences:

2-1 The game is played by holes. A hole is won by the side which holes its ball in the fewer strokes
2-2 ---
2-3 A match is won by the side which is leading by a number of holes greater than the number of holes remaining to be played.
2-4 When the opponent's ball is at rest, the player may concede the opponent to have holed out with her next stroke. A player can concede a hole or stroke at any time prior to the conclusion of the hole or match. Concession of a stroke, hole or match MAY NOT BE declined or withdrawn.
2-5 Players must continue the match without delay. Any claim must be made before any player plays from the next teeing ground or all players leave the last putting green.

6-2 Before starting a match the players should determine from one another their correct handicaps. MAKE SURE all dots match on all score cards in your 4-some before play begins.

7-1 On any day of a match play competition, a player may practice on the competition course before a round.

9-2 A player who has incurred a penalty shall inform her opponent as soon as practicable.

10-1 The side which wins a hole shall take the honor on the next hole. If the hole is halved, honor from the previous hole applies. The honors on the first hole should be decided by lot. So, flip a coin or toss a tee. Other than on the tee, the ball farther from the hole shall be played first. If a player plays out of turn, the opponent may immediately require the shot to be replayed, no penalty. The rules read as stated but PLEASE play "PACE OF PLAY--ready golf" except when on the green. On the green, the player farthest from the hole has honors and her team may putt first and it might be her partner that is closer. (see rule 30-3c below) ...
In stroke play you need to putt out but in Matchplay, if you are out of contention or your opponent is close to the hole, you are allowed to give them the stroke. This helps pace of play.

11-4 If a player plays a ball from outside the teeing ground, the opponent MAY immediately require the player to cancel the stroke and play a ball from within the teeing ground, no penalty.

15-2 Player loses the hole if a wrong ball is played - except from a hazard.

17-2 Do not attend the flagstick without authority. Loss of hole.

18-3 Ball moved by opponent during search, no penalty and replace the ball. Not during search opponent gets one stroke penalty and replace ball.

19-2 If a ball in motion is stopped by your side or equipment, it is loss of hole. If stopped by opponent there is no penalty and play as it lies or replay the stroke, no penalty.

20-7 If the player plays a stroke with a ball which has been dropped or placed in a wrong place, loss of hole.

22 Ball Interfering or Assisting play - When a player asks to have a ball marked and lifted, it MUST be done. This may not be done while ball is in motion. Loss of hole.

30-3a Four-Ball - A side may be represented by one partner. Late arriving partner can join between play of holes.

30-3c Balls belonging to the same side may be played in the order the side considers best.

30-3d If a player plays a stroke with a wrong ball (except in a hazard), he shall be DQ'd for that hole, but her partner incurs no penalty even if the wrong ball belongs to her. If the wrong ball belongs to another player, its owner shall place a ball on the spot from which the wrong ball was first played.

34-1 If claim is not made within time limit in Rule 2-5, it is only considered if it is based on facts not known by player making claim and the player has been given wrong facts.

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Last Updated: February 12, 2018