Team Captain Resp.
Team Captain Responsibilities

East Desert Ladies League

Each team will select a Captain from the team members. The Captain can select a Co-Captain.
Conversion Chart for handicap indexes at each course in pdf format or in Word

The Team Captain will -

  1. Print packet information sheet and post it with signup sheet at your club. (or just share the link with your golfers)
  2. Insure the eligibility of her team members, have the most recent handicap indexes and convert those indexes to the correct handicap from the slope sheet for the host course.
  3. Contact the opposing Team Captain five days in advance and exchange names, handicap indexes, converted handicaps and pairing. One of the Captains will notify the Host Captain of their match pairings and indexes. We do this on the Wednesday before our match play on a Monday.
  4. Prepare score cards for each of your team's four matches including marking the holes where team members get strokes. (Remember to play off the low handicap). Remind the team members to check these strokes holes with the opposing team before starting their match. Stress to her team players the importance of agreeing with their opponents on the points received by each side in the match before the cards are signed and returned to her for posting.
  5. Print "local" rules sheet for your team. (or share the link with your golfers)
  6. Collect the golf fees from each of her team members and take to the registration desk.
  7. Collect the score cards after play. Check that the points are posted correctly on the tally sheets provided by the Host Team Captain.
  8. Thank the Host Club Pro and Team Captain for allowing us to play.
  9. Remind team members that any complaints about opponents, course conditions, local rules, etc. must be made only to you. You may then choose to consult with the League Coordinator.
  10. Post individual scores at your club for each of the team members. These scores will be posted as away scores and Tournament scores. (Review procedures regarding "Determining most likely score").
  11. Secure with your Club Pro a date for your course to host team play for the next year.
  12. Familiarize team members with the rules of Four-Ball Match Play, Rule 30-3, the proper etiquette for the form of play, the standing rules and the importance of presenting ourselves as Ladies. No abusive or foul language.
  13. Ask each team player to have name identification on her bag.
  14. Contact each team member the day before team play to make sure all are attending.
  15. Ensure all team members from her Club arrive on time.
  16. Inform the Coordinator of any changes to the Captain and Co-Captain's phone number/email address.
  17. If a substitute is made within 24 hours of play, the sub will take the place of the player who could not compete and make the changes on that match on the scorecard with the dots. If a substitute is made before then, just redo the scorecards putting the players in order of their handicap and the dots as they are applicable.


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Last Updated: September 2, 2019