E-Mails of former athletes, coaches, & friends

Here is a way to keep in touch with everyone but I will stay in control of this web page.
So all you have to do is email me and give me your email address and you're on the page the very next day.
These are people who have worked or competed with Coach Ellis over the years.

I'M NOT PLANNING ON UPDATING THIS since we can find everyone on FACEBOOK these days.

A thru C
Coach Barb Adams Coach Barb Anderes Trisha Anglada Coach Peech Armenta Coach Frank Campos
Sunny Carrillo Renee Casillas Coach Mike Clark Lacy Cooper-Hakim Maria Cuzzocreo
Ali Andrus Sandra Anderson Chris Alexander Coach Jessica Clydesdale Leann Brooks
Nikki Bullock Priscilla Chan Angie Baxter Thompson -- --
-- -- -- -- --
D thru I
Coach George Downing Coach Kim Doyle Coach Larry Dukerich Coach Nancy Ellis

Brandi Galvin

Debra Go Julie Good Amie Grau Tiffany Grissom Coach Wayne Hill
Coach Rick Fultz Natalie Gerk Coach Nancy Davis-Hunt Lydia Garcia Vera Fisher
Tracy Hart Jane Barz-Cronin -- -- --
-- -- -- -- --
J thru M
Melissa Jimenez Kathy Knapp Kelly Korb
Her webpage
Kris Korb Emily Life
Tori Menefee Coach Connie Mickelson Lydia Molina JoAnn Mooney Caitlin Morgan
Shannon "little" Mac-Cotten Colleen MacCallum Joann Mooney Sheila McNeely Shirley Lewis
Mindi Monk-Robbins -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- --
N thru T
Connie O'Dell Karen Palmer Christy Peluso Margie Ray Coach Janice Rodrigue
Coach Kyle Sawyer Sara Sebring Mr. John Storment Dobson Teachers Jim Thames
Coach Linda Truitt Lisa Pauli- Monk Heidi Sparks Mrs Linda Rottman Melanie Pierce
-- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- --
U thru Z
Candice Villalobos Sam Wallace Tamika Walls Mr Paul Walsh Kristi Williams
Coach Russ Winer Jennie Wojtulewicz Ms Margie Wolf Coach Dez Woods Katie Vandiver-Blum
Jodie VanOoyen Coach Connie Verploegen Kim Wilson Jacque Wood-Witte Shannon Wolfe-Suiter
-- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- --


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