Carob Trees

I have carob trees in front of my home. You can make chocolate from the pods or carobs.
Read about it at these websites and if you want some pods, I will give you some.
I give carobs away during the months of June, July, August and maybe September.
I throw about 100 pounds of them away every month and they are starting to ripen and fall off the tree. ... This site tells exactly what is a carob and it's value.

VIDEO: This video explains How to Harvest

VIDEO: This video explains How to Eat

Here are my trees out front and the carobs in them. The two trees on the left are female and they have the pods. The one on the right is the male tree and it must be there for the females to seed.

Carob pods ready to harvest

These carobs are not yet ripened so a little longer and they will be ready.

You can see I have enough to share and as you read the links above, they are healthy.

More than enough to share, more than enough. E-mail me if you want some.

These are the seeds that you do not eat as they are as hard as a rock.

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