Coaching Badminton

Click here for setting up Round Robin Forms .... Example 1 ............. Example 2
FORMS needed for setting up a team or DUAL matches
ScoresheetsEllis' point chartViewers GuideRefreshmentsCamps
ContractKnow these rulesParent BashBanquet InvitationSecret Sister Survey
FORMS and BRACKETS needed for INVITATIONAL... running an invitational
Order of MatchesCourt Assignmentsplayers duties64 bracket doubles32 bracket/consolation
Name flip cardsInvitational ENTRYScore Sheets64 bracket singles16 bracket/consolation
FORMS needed for REGIONALS ... running regionals
Singles for 6 TeamsDoubles for 6 TeamsOrder of Events for 6Score SheetsCourt Assignments
Singles for 7 Teams Doubles for 7 Teams Order of Events for 7Score SheetsCourt Assignments
Singles for 8 Teams Doubles for 8 Teams Order of Events for 8..
FORMS needed for STATE... running state
Team StateTeam State RosterScore SheetsState Team Line-upsQucik Rules Explanation
Event Order & Players Singles DrawDoubles DrawSeed Meeting draw.
Regional Seed Meeting Forms

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