Toni and Janie's Viking River Cruise - Check out the map below the links.

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We live in Mesa, Az. and have had this Viking River Cruise on our bucket list for some time. We are flying to Prague Czech Republic and will stay there for 3 days then go from there to Budapest to pick up our boat. This river cruise will be 15 days (called the "Grand European Tour"--doesn't that sound cool?) and will end in Amsterdam where our good friends Molly and Ellen will meet us and we'll spend 2 more days there. We will be traveling down/up? the Danube, the Rhine and I'm not sure what other rivers/tributaries during the trip. We'll visit cities/villages in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. Our boat ("long ship") is the Bragi and holds about 190 people so it will be fun to get to know more people than we would on a big cruise line. Stay tuned, we'll share all our adventures (and misadventures) with you!
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1. Oct.8 - Getting Started

2. Oct. 9 - Prague

3. Oct. 10 - Astrological clock

4. Oct. 11 - Prague's last days

5. Oct. 12 - Prague to Budapest

6. Oct. 13 - more Budapest at ship

07. Budapest equestrian center

08. More Equestrian

09. Bratislava Slovakia

10. Vienna and Austria

11. Melk Austria

12. Passau Germany

13. Regensburg Germany Bavaria

14. Wertheim, Germany

15. Bamberg, Wurzberg Germany

16. It's about Locks

17. Party Time

18. On the Rhine

19. Holland

20. More Windmills

21. Amsterdam

22. Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

23. we're on our way home


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