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Sue Weems
District Teacher
Arizona Softball
Hall of Fame
MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT ... coached and worked with great kids and taught school for 40 years and came in contact with the greatest people on earth ... please e-mail me and let me know what has happened to you and where you are located these days ... 3w1825854
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My pups are getting big ... Wookie, 6 months, Shadow, 4 months, Shortstop, 13 years this year, 2007.

Indy 1999-2013; Shortstop 1994-2008; Sparkplug 1994-2009
Shortstop --------------- Sparkplug ----------------- Indy
Shotsee 1996-2012
Koko & Pelli



Shadow ------ Wookie 2007 - 2016 ------ Shadow 2007 - 2018
Shadow ----- Wookie ------ Shadow on Wookie's Head
Born 2013

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Coaching Career ............................ click here for my starting home page
Coach Ellis began teaching and coaching in September of 1968.
Aug. 10, 2019 Inducted into the Arizona Softball Hall of Fame -
Webpage of this event coming soon
Nov. 22, 2010 Mesa Sports Hall of Fame honors my 1990 State Championship Softball Team and many came back for a reunion.
August, 2010 Coach Ellis officially retires from working with the AIA on tournaments and now am officially retired from the schools.
11-9-2007 Coach Ellis officially retires as the badminton coach and is now officially retired from coaching.
11-21-2005 Coach Ellis was the 6th female coach inducted into the Mesa Sports Hall of Fame.
10-22-2005 Coach Ellis was the honored faculty guest of the class of Mesa High, 1975 ... thanks for the gift.
6-25-2005 Coach Ellis was honored at the Grand Canyon State Games for her role in badminton over the decades with the Hank Anderson Memorial Trophy.
5-26-2005 Coach Ellis retires from teaching and coaching softball .. which began in 1968.
6-28-2002 Coach Ellis receives the National High School Coach of the Year
award for Softball.
May 2003, Coach Ellis is featured in the Softball West Magazine
July 18, 2002, Front Page of the Mesa Tribune with Gonzales and Shilling ... I got signatures too, yippee.
6-28-2002 Coach Ellis wins the Region 8 Coach of the Year in Softball
6-26-1998 Coach Ellis wins the Region 8 Coach of the Year in Softball.
3-17-1998 Coach Ellis
wins game # 500 in her softball Varsity High School career.
6-28-1996 Coach Ellis wins the Region 8 Coach of the Year in Badminton
Summer of 1996 Arizona Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame as Coach of the Year in 1996
5-19-1996 Coach Ellis was inducted into the Arizona High School Coaches Hall of Fame
11-1-1997 Coach Ellis receives the HL's National Recognition Award in Badminton
6-23-1993 Coach Ellis wins the Region 8 Coach of the Year in Badminton

11-3-1990 Coach Ellis receives an award for 20+ years of dedicated service to Ariz. High School Badminton.
5-19-1990 Coach Ellis wins the Arizona State Softball Championships
1975-1976 articles ... Here's two articles about my pro racquetball days -- a long, long time ago - Article 1 and Article 2.
9-11-1970 Coach Ellis wins the Southern California State Championships
Coach Ellis was the State Rep in badminton and softball during all of her high school coaching career.
Pictures throughout the years of friends, coaches, and athletes.
Coach Ellis battled, with the use of Title IX, to get high school fastpitch softball competition in Arizona in 1974
Coach Ellis coached 3 sports a year from 1968-1990 and then 2 sports a year from 1990 to present with many Regional Championships.
Region 8 honors include the following states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.

Coach Ellis resigned from Dobson Softball only on 6-18-2002 ... After 33 years of being the head varsity softball, it was fun and rewarding. Thanks to the hundreds of athletes that played their best and gave of their best, our friendship will always be treasured. … Thanks for memories! ... I still coached badminton through November, 2005.
After just sitting out a year, I love softball too much ... I was the assistant varsity softball coach, 2003-2005, at Mt. Pointe High School in Phoenix as a part of the Tempe Union High School District. Click here for the location of Mt. Pointe and all the schools we play.
Here is the Mt. Pointe softball information and pictures.

Latest article is in the Softball West Magazine. ... Click here to see my 1st Flying Tiger and my Kawasaki Vulcan 750 ... Here is where I like to store pictures to share.

On 6-28-2002 -- Coach Ellis won the National High School Coach of the Year in Fastpitch Softball, after receiving the Region 8 Coach of the year in 2002, 1998, 1996, and 1993. Nominated by her peers in the Arizona Coaches Association, the NHSACA selects the region winners. Region 8 includes the following states: Ariz., Calif., Hawaii, Nevada, New Mex., and Utah. The National High School Athletic Coaches Association gives the National award every year to one of the winners of the 8 regions. What is outstanding is that the award was decided before my leaving Dobson Softball was announced. Thanks to everyone involved, I can't tell you what this means to me. HERE'S MY ARTICLES.

Coach Ellis' History as a Varsity Softball Head Coach:

... in 1996, inducted into the Arizona Coaches Hall of Fame,
... 1 State Championship at Arizona,
... 1 State Championship in California.
... overall wins 570 while being head varsity coach in the high schools from 1968-2002.
... 10 times Regional Champions ('69, 70, 74, 75, 78, 83, 85, 86, 90, 00);
... 7 times Regional Runner-up ('77, 84, 87, 88, 93, 94, 96) .
... 6 times State Final 4 Competition ('70, 85, 89, 90, 93, 95)
... 2 State Championships (1970, 1990)
... Total wins for Dobson 340
... 1993 Southwest Region 8 Coach of the Year
... 1996 Southwest Region 8 Coach of the Year
... summer of 1996 AZ Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame as Coach of the Year in 1996
... 1998 Southwest Region 8 Coach of the Year
... 2002 Southwest Region 8 Coach of the Year
... 2002 USA National Coach of the Year

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